Iron and Wine, Holy Fuck & Pinback

Talk about long time no see. It’s been months since I have been free/motivated enough to write. In fact, I wouldn’t even say I’m either of those right now, but there has been so much beautiful noise going through my stereo that I haven’t shared with you, and that needs to change. My best of 2007 list is right around the corner and I’m sure I will be plenty busy putting that together and writing it all out, but I need to get a post on here before that. So I’m just going to take a few minutes to give you a low down of what’s been going in my ears as of late.

Sam Beam has released a magnificent album under the stage name Iron and Wine. The Shepherd’s Dog was released late September. If you are familiar with Iron and Wine, you will be very happy to hear what I’m about to say. Beam has pulled off a magnificent transition from the traditional, simple folk that his fans have come to love into these sophisticated, intricate folk tunes that are almost too pleasing to the ears. Folk is tricky, especially in this day in age when it is almost necessary to branch out of your shell and expand. Beam really stepped outside of the box on this one. The music is flowing and involved, but not to the point where you have to listen over and over again to hear what’s going on. Instead, you’ll be listening over and over again to be captured in its melodies. The Shepherd’s Dog is a very big leap in the right direction for this folk genius and will definitely make the best of 2007 list.

Iron and Wine – Boy with a Coin

Iron and Wine – House by the Sea



A lo-fi experiment out of Toronto has caught me ear lately. Their name, Holy Fuck, which has already caused problems for them in many aspects, is one reason I had to check them out. The only upsetting thing about this band is the fact that Coachella refuses to add them to the line up for 2008 because of their name. Lame, I know. Their music is very fast paced, and studies have shown it can cause seizures. As long as you’re not afraid to shake it on the floor, this band is for you. It’s abrasive to the max, and what makes is so great is that they don’t use a single computer. There is no looping, no programmed backing beats, no splicing, no laptops, none of that easy to use DJ shit that can turn your average 18 year old geek into a superstar these days. These guys work hard to make the sound they do, and it’s a job well done. The melodies are poetic, and it’s so easy to get entranced by their sound. It’s not overdone and there is no filler at all (the album is 9 songs, none of which are over 6 minutes). I strongly recommend them.

Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen

Holy Fuck – Royal Gregory

Pinback released their 4 album, Autumn of the Seraphs, on September 11. I was only vaguely familiar with their 04 release, but I knew I liked them enough to check out their newest release. This very much keeps with the Pinback style I remember; however this album has a few more gems for me. An overall good listen, but it’s the tracks that stand out the most that make this album so special.

Pinback – Good to Sea

Pinback – Walters


That should hold you over until the best of 2007 list comes out. Take care.


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