KEXP has done it again. The 5th Annual BBQ was a complete success. All the bands put on incredible sets. Seattle natives The Blakes kicked things off. With the sun shining early on, it was nice to hear some rock and roll to get the party started. To quote Iggy Pop, “Who are these guys? This shit is great!” (Iggy wasn’t at the BBQ, but the quote was at their merchandise stand and I thought it was funny). They rocked the stage, and then proceeded to the 21+ section to get their drink on with the fans.

They were followed by a newer Seattle band known as The Cave Singers. I used the beginning of this set to go get in line for a burger, but wow did their sound blow me away. The lead singer, if you can twist this one up in your head, is an incredible cross between David Gray and Bob Dylan. His voice is marvelous. It was positively captivating. Their unique anti-climactic, down to the bare necessities sound filled the whole park with music. It’s always a nice treat to be taken back by one of the bands you thought of missing out on.

It only got crazier from there. The Brooklyn based Pela got on stage for what was undoubtedly the hardest rocking set of the night (note that Cloud Cult doesn’t really “Rock”). Their album, Anytown Graffiti, has been growing on me more and more with every listen. It’s a very powerful, moving album. And their show was tight. The people that knew the music, young and old, were enjoying every bit of it. And the people that didn’t I’m sure took note of how great the sound was. Strongly recommend this group.

Pela – Lost to the Lonesome 

Pela – Drop Me Off

The Blue Scholars are the best hip hop duo to ever come out of Seattle. Mostly due to the fact that I’m pretty sure they are the ONLY hip hop duo in Seattle. None the less, their music is great. The whole crowd loved their single “Back Home”, a song entirely about our troops and how they belong at home with their families and not dying across sea’s to make the CEO of Exxon Mobil a qua-trillionaire. They played a nice long set that was accompanied by an 8-piece band.

Apparently Geologic thinks I’m a loser.

Then there was Cloud Cult. This band has been an major part of my car stereo selection over the past few months. Their album “The Meaning of *” is both poignant and contagious. Their live show was just the same. Hitting some classic’s from the Happy Hippo album, they branched out for a diversity of songs, but also played a lot of the tunes that made us fall for them. They played a cute version of “Pretty Voice” in the beginning and one hell of a rocking closer in “Take Your Medicine”. Overall, this BBQ was great. Red Hook was there to provide the brews which were nice and cold on our 65 degree August day. The crowd was social, maybe a little too social for those who were there to enjoy the music, but everyone had a smile on their face so I guess that’s saying something. This was my first KEXP event, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be at the next.


~ by dtags21 on August 19, 2007.

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