Nothing to Get Excited About…




I get excited for upcoming releases all the time. Honestly, I think this has topped the list for me. One of the most moving bands in music today, Sigur Ros, with their epic masterpieces that force soothing visuals through your speakers and into your shut eyelids, are releasing both a DVD and a double disc album on November 5th. If ever there was a band that deserved to release a live DVD, it is Sigur Ros. Taking place in several scenic venues (and by venues, I mean houses, fields, and streets) in their home of Iceland, the DVD captures where the visions for their glamorous music originated. I have praised this band before (#2 best of 2005 review) and will continue to do so until they stop giving me goosebumps. The double disc is just as exciting. The first disc containing 3 unreleased tracks and a revamped version of the single “Von” from their debut. The second disc is probably going to be the more interesting as the band experiments with acoustic ballads of 6 of their works. I may forget birthdays, or first names, but rest assured I will not forget what will be in stores November 5th. Just a little more to get you pumped up, below is a video from a track off of their 2005 release Takk called “Glosoli”. One of my favorite songs from the band. Enjoy.



~ by dtags21 on August 3, 2007.

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