More Coachella Pictures??

Well you asked for it. Here are the rest of the photos I shot during the 2007 Coachella Music Festival. Some of these are candid shots, others are of the bands not previously mentioned.

Here are a few pictures of the new Perry Ferrell band Satellite Party. Their music was decent, but Perry’s stage antics are always a trip.

One set that may not have gotten as much recognition from my reviews as it should have was the Silversun Pickups. The set was loud, rough, and full of grungy rock. It wasn’t until I saw this set that I really grasped the Smashing Pumpkins comparisons.

The act right after Silversun was Arctic Monkeys. These youngsters really got the crowd going, hitting some classics from their debut and throwing some really good tunes in from the new album. We had to walk away from the front of the stage cause it was getting pretty rowdy and all 3 of us were coming up on 35 hours of no sleep at that point so we backed up and watched the second half of the show from a distance.

We ran over to the Sahara Tent to see what all the fuss was about. It turned out to be pretty entertaining. I am pretty sure this was during Benny Benassi.

Sonic Youth was probably the biggest disappointment of the whole festival. The band was over 20 minutes late, then they finally came onstage without Kim Gordon (lead singer). Instead of cracking a few jokes or playing a little something something for the crowd that was overly patient and eager to hear the band, the guys kinda just stood on stage and said “Ugh…where’s Kim at?” (direct quote). Once Kim finally got on stage, however, they did play a few favorites from their classic album Daydream Nation, but we were only able to catch a few tracks cause we wanted to run over and see Bjork.

This is a great photo. These were probably the only clouds we saw the entire weekend. Of course we were in a tent when they showed their comforting faces, but it was still a nice glimmer of hope that we weren’t going to bake forever out there.

Sadly, Saturday wasn’t my best day for photos. I didn’t get a good shot of Kings of Leon, The Arcade Fire or Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but I managed to snag a few from the Black Keys set. Most of these came out kinda blurry, mainly because the band was jamming and dancing the entire set.

Coachella is known for it’s artwork. While I didn’t get good pictures of most of it (you can go to the coachella webpage to see what kind of crazy shit they had there) I did get a picture of one of the not so hyped up pieces. Right outside of the Mojave tent there was this giant paper mobile with giant snowflakes hanging from the ends. It was blowing in the wind and it had some wonderfully dim lights to add some color. It was delicate, it was uncomplicated, and it was incredibly relaxing. The 3 of us laid under it for a good half an hour at the end of Saturday’s sets. The artists who created it were chilling nearby and asked me to give them a hand. Me and another fella had to have the architect stand on our shoulders so he could pull one of the poles out that had broken from the wind. Anyways, it was an overlooked piece of artwork and it just might have been the most relaxing half hour of the trip.

There were a lot of Rage Against the Machine T-shirts. This was one of the better ones I saw over the weekend.

You can add The Roots to the list of bands I neglected to include in my best of lists. These guys have such a great presence on stage.

This would be Flea (RHCP Bassist…in the straw hat) checking out The Roots set.

That just about does it. Trust me, there are a ton more pictures but the rest are either blurred, too far away or a nice view of somebody’s head that was standing in front of me. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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