I Know What the Future Holds

Before I write a few reviews this weekend, I wanted to give everyone an update on what is coming up. This year has already been a monster success. The Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys plowed through the sophomore slump while Bright Eyes and Kings of Leon both produced fine follow-ups to their big earlier releases. LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, Wilco, and Elliott Smith have all come out with outstanding releases. And there have also been a lot of great discoveries this year (most of these won’t be “discoveries” to some of you, but I can’t keep up with all of it all the time so lay off). Bands such as Peter Bjorn and John, Explosions in the Sky, Blonde Redhead, Cloud Cult, and the Twilight Sad have all had songs that caught my ear this year. Even with all of these great albums, there is still a whole lot more to come. So let’s take a glance at what is still to come for 2007.

June has a full plate of appetizers for us. On the 19th The White Stripes release their anticipated Icky Thump. Don’t get too absorbed, because it is only a week later that the Beastie Boys release The Mix Up. Other names to get excited for are Queens of the Stone Age, Chemical Brothers, Editors, and Ryan Adams. So start saving your pennies, because June is gonna be a spender.


July, however, is a much bigger problem. Actually it’s not so much the entire month as it is just the one day. On July 10th, you have Spoon releasing Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, the follow up to their monumental Gimme Fiction. Some people, I not being on of them, will be excited for the new Interpol cd that comes out that day. However I think it is safe to say that the majority of the hoopla will be over the highly anticipated reuniting (sorta) of the 90’s powerhouse Smashing Pumpkins. Now if you are a Pumpkins fan, prepare to brace yourself. If you go to the WordPress Music links on the right hand side of this page and click on Shameless Complacency, you can hear the new track from the Smashing Pumpkins. It is a little rough, but it will get you overly anxious. Enjoy.


August isn’t as powerful of a month, but there are still some great names releasing albums. On the 7th you’ve got the new one from Architecture in Helsinki, on the 20th you have Jenny Lewis in her band Rilo Kiley releasing Under the Blacklight, then on the 28th we get to hear what Ben Harper has in store for us in Lifelines.

There are still a lot of bands that have releases planned with no exact date. The big names are (get eager) The Pixies (reuniting after 15 years), Radiohead (first album since 2003’s Hail to the Thief), Coldplay, Built to Spill, Jimmy Eat World, N.E.R.D, The Postal Service, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just to name a few. So like I said before, get ready for a big year.


~ by dtags21 on May 19, 2007.

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