Cloud Cult – The Meaning of 8




Cloud Cult and The Meaning of 8 are getting under my skin in an extreme way, and I’m loving every minute of it. The band takes the eco-friendly term “green” to a whole new level. The band makes their albums using geothermal energy and recycled materials, donate proceeds to environmentally friendly charities, and play concerts with an onstage painter. The Meaning of 8 is the bands sixth album in 7 years. Released on their own non-profit label Earthology, the label packages CDs using hand-cleaned, reused jewel cases, recycled cardboard and paper, and nontoxic soy ink, and Cloud Cult records in a recording studio which Minowa built from recycled and salvaged materials. How is this not a granola’s dream band? Though I am only familiar with this one, I can feel the passion that gets put into this music. Similar in design to The Arcade Fire at times, this music hits many types of genres including Emo, Indie, Rock, and even this grand opera kind of feel. The band turned down major label offers before making this album in hopes of keeping the same feeling and ingenuity in their music. There are so many tracks I could talk about on this album. My favorite, “Your Eighth Birthday” is an eccentric little piece that ends in this epic cry. The first few listens I had a hard time understanding what it was that lead singer Craig Minowa was saying in his loud cries. I assumed it was the name Kaiden. Come to find out his infant son Kaiden died in 2002. That hit me hard. How can someone go through that kind of emotional rollercoaster and still have the courage to sing about it. The next time I listened to the song I nearly cried. It packs so much more sentiment with that knowledge. “Take Your Medicine” is another enchanting song filled with incredible piano, violins and a delightful choir to combine into this bittersweet symphony (yeah, I said it). “The Deaf Girl’s Song” is just that, a song about a deaf girl making a song. Like most songs on this album it is sweet, charming, and tragic all at once. In tribute to the deaf girl, the album ends with the somber “Song for the Deaf Girl”. A minute and a half of silence that at first listen is confusing until you look at the song titles, then it becomes this thoughtful piece.. Those are just a few from this sincere, fairy tale album The Meaning of 8. Believe me when I say this album is fantastic. Please take a few minutes and listen to all of the tracks below. It is for your own good. Don’t just try one, because the one below it could be the seller for you. Put your myspace page on hold for 15 minutes and enjoy these beautiful songs. If your life is really too busy to stop and enjoy this music then stop reading this blog. Honestly.


Your 8th Birthday

Take Your Medicine

Chemicals Collide

The Deaf Girl’s Song

Dance for the Dead



~ by dtags21 on May 19, 2007.

One Response to “Cloud Cult – The Meaning of 8”

  1. Thanks, man.
    I’ll do the same as soon as i get out of this hell hole.

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