Wilco – Sky Blue Sky


Jeff Tweedy has never been the kind of guy who stays in one musical state of mind for too long. The experimental sides of Wilco’s latest 2 albums have been replaced by the soothing, relaxing folk rock sounds of the early 70’s. Sky Blue Sky has this floating dock vibe that most of Wilco’s collection touches on but doesn’t get into as deeply as this album does. The band’s sixth studio album has the ability to put your mind in this mature, easy going summertime mood. If you’re still trying to find that common musical ground with your grand dad at your family’s BBQ this summer, give “Impossible Germany” a shot. Both “Side with the Seeds” and the aforementioned track have incredibly ripping classic Wilco guitar solos. The track “Please Be Patient with Me” comes off a little masochistic lyrically, but its smooth personal touch is far beyond any track on the album. “Hate it Here” starts off rather sexist as Tweedy talks about how his life has changed when his woman moved out on him, but the drumming from Glenn Kotche is astounding. The single “What Light”, though I’ve heard it a number of times, is still one hell of a catchy song. Lastly, the track “Walken” has that nice Wilco-esque jam session at the end. When it’s all rolled together on Sky Blue Sky, you get a finished product that is one of the most natural, soulful Wilco albums to date. Jeff Tweedy has excelled again, weaving together clever little lyrics around some gorgeous melodies. This album bleeds Wilco from every pore.

What Light

Impossible Germany



love that picture


~ by dtags21 on May 13, 2007.

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