Coachella Top 10 Songs Preformed

Basically if you were at Coachella all 3 days, these are the moments you should have been there to witness. Now I was lucky enough to find video’s for most of these moments, but keep in mind the quality is not going to be perfect for most as they were recorded from the crowd. But I think it’s better than nothing. So enjoy.

#10: Kings of Leon – Bucket

A tune from the hit album “Aha Shake Heartbreak”. Since I missed the beginning of their set, I was happy I got to catch one of my favorite tracks from their older cd. From what I saw the band rocked. Seeing some of their new songs preformed live has definitely made me want to go back and give the new album another chance.

#9: Tapes ‘N Tapes – 10 Gallon Ascots

The only song I could not find a video for. This was a great song on the album and an even better song live. It exploded and got the whole tent jamming. Even the people that didn’t know the song had to start dancing when it erupted.

#8: Explosions in the Sky – Welcome, Ghosts

This set was without question one of the highlights of the festival. It is always so fun to see a band at the same time you are starting to get into them. I mean it is always fun to see a band you know and love, but when the timing is right it just makes it that much better. This is my favorite song from the new record “All of a Sudden I miss Everyone”.

#7: Arctic Monkeys – A View From the Afternoon

The opening track from the 2006 phenomenon “Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not” was outrageous live. We got right up to the front for this set (and many others) when they burned the house down with this track.

#6: The Black Keys – Just Got to Be

Truthfully, this probably would have been 10am Automatic if we hadn’t missed that song. But this track was awesome too. A great way to end Saturday night.

#5: Bjork – Earth Intruders

I know 2 songs from Bjork. I love both of them, which in no way explains why I haven’t tried to hear more, but this is the one I was dying to hear. From her new album “Volta”, this is her Coachella opener.

#4: Placebo – Infra-Red

I knew I wanted to see Placebo. I didn’t know how badly until they started playing. As soon as this song started blasting, I knew I was going to absolutely go crazy for this set. Which I did. This is Placebo’s opener.

#3: Peter Bjorn and John – Up Against the Wall

This goes back to the whole idea of seeing a band right as you are falling in love with them. Well I’ve been in love with this band for months now as most of you probably know. But to have them close with my favorite song was just unbelievable. This set was outstanding and this closer was the best part. Sadly, Youtube doesn’t have a video for the entire song. There are 100 different videos for “Young Folks” but nobody stuck around to hear this one. This was the only video I could find. It doesn’t capture any of the magic, but if you get past the ugly dancing guy and listen to the eruption of music in the backround, that’s this song.

#2: Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up

This band reunited at Coachella to use the festival as a loudspeaker to project their view on the bush administration. The entire crowd was waiting for the moment when Zach De La Rocha would speak his mind. It only happened once, during this song. And although the entire set was astounding, this was the highlight moment for me. Notice during the video that the camera is stead the entire time…until the explosion from the crowd set it into a tornado. That’s how the whole show was.

#1: The Arcade Fire – Wake Up

Sing a Longs are always fun. This is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.


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