Coachella Road Trip

Coachella was an experience far beyond what I had hoped for. The music, the atmosphere, the food, the sculptures, the people, the heat… all of it combined for an amazing occasion. There is a lot to write about and a lot of pictures to see. Before we get started, i have a few things to say. One, I took every picture you see on this website with my own camera. Two, there are still plenty more pictures to post, but I filled up my online storage so we’re gonna have to wait till I get more room to see the rest. Now let’s dive right into it.

Jesse and my brother Matt flew into Seattle at 10:30 am on Thursday morning. We got right in the car, and started heading down to Indio California. The trip down was rather uneventful. We all really just wanted to get this festival started. Which is probably what gave me the energy to drive straight till 3:30 am without needed a tag in. Jesse took over from that point, and got us safely to our camp ground no later than 7 am. There were only 2 trip highlights on the way down. I asked the guys before coming out here to make a summertime road trip mix cd for the road. I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone thinks is good summertime music. Unfortunately Matt left his cd in the airport parking lot back in Rochester, NY. So it was just Jesse and I. My mix was mostly loud, roll down your windows and take in the fresh air rock music to pump you up and keep you going on the road. Jesse’s mix was very chilled, turn on the AC and let’s talk about it down to earth music. This, if you know either of us, is really ironic. Both mixes were good, and it was a fun little project.


~ by dtags21 on May 6, 2007.

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