Coachella Most Surprising Acts


I think what the Coachella festival has over the others is while some festivals have great headliners, they sort of lose the crowd towards the bottom of their bill. At Coachella, you can walk to any stage at any time and see an ear splitting performance. There were moments we just walked around and caught a few songs from different artists. My brother made this his whole weekend. If there wasn’t a show he was dying to see, he wandered the entire polo field checking out every possible act he could witness. When we would all meet up, we would ask each other what shows were good. Jesse would say “I saw Kings of Leon, met Tom Morello and caught the Nightwatchman”. I would say “I saw Peter Bjorn and John and the end of Kings of Leon”, and Matt would be like “Yeah, I saw them. I also saw the Decemberists, New Pornographers, and MSTRKRFT.” Everyone has their own Coachella. No 2 people, even if they came together, have the same experience.

OK, getting off topic here. Best Surprise Acts. Well the first one I am counting as a surprise because I only discovered them a few days before we left. Paste Magazine has a 2 page spread where they talk about 4 new bands for people to hear. The Noisettes caught my eye. I recognized them from the lineup and got their album the same day. Only heard it once, but I knew it was a band I would have to catch. Luckily, there were no time conflicts with other artists so we were able to catch them. They were the first show to start our festival on Friday afternoon. And they kicked it off perfectly. Their wild stage antics and intense music made for an excellent 50 minute set. Very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Noisettes have 2 albums out (I think) but their latest release “What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?” is definitely worth a listen. The band preformed with a lot of heart as most of the openers at the festival did. It was very entertaining to watch the lead singer hit those crazy notes. If they every swing by your town it’ll be worth the $15 I promise you.

The second surprise act is Hot Chip. I wasn’t planning on seeing them, but they were squeezed in between The Fratellis and Peter Bjorn and John at the Mojave tent so I was kinda forced to into it. I suppose we could have left after The Fratellis to go catch Roky Erickson (lead sing of the 13th Floor Elevators) or Jack’s Mannequin, but the idea of sitting in the shade for another act didn’t sound so bad to any of us. We all thought it was best to spark up one of our blunts just before the show to make it that much more interesting. And it was a good thing we did. Hot Chip is a 4 piece electro dance rock…thing…from London. I had a really neat thought during the set of how to describe the band but I was high, so it might not come out as clearly as it came to my head then. Did you ever tap on your desk in school with a pencil or something and find a really clever little beat? Then you started adding to the sounds with a pen tapping on a folder, or sliding your desk around to the music. While all this was going on you thought to yourself, “Geez, I really have something good going here.”  Well their entire set was like that, except way more advanced. Their music had the entire tent going crazy. Very catchy stuff. It’s hard to remember everything that happened during that show, but I do know all 3 of us were very impressed with the band.


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