Weekend of 1000 Reviews: Bright Eyes, Black Keys, Silversun, !!!


Bright Eyes – Four Winds



Most of you Bright Eyes fans already have Conor’s latest release “Cassadaga”. He really dives into the Western sound more with this one. It still has everything Bright Eyes fans are looking for. “Cassadaga” is bursting with self deprecating, moody, lonely songs with captivating melodies. His songwriting has grown up, as has his voice. He sings about growing up in a heartbeat, and you can hear it in his voice. He went from mournful 20 year old in 2005’s “I’m Wide Awake its Morning” to knowledgeable, experienced 28 year old in “Cassadaga”. This album lacks that bitter personal, almost masochistically intimacy from older releases, but it takes his music in a pleasant new direction that is exactly what his new release needed to do. Definitely a great album from the young musician who already has a catalogue far more advanced than most singer songwriters out there today. If this world is in need of a rock and roll great to carry the torch from past to present, Conor O’berst is, if not already, the right man.



Silversun Pickups – Melatonin


It took me a long time to get into the Silversun Pickups. Usually I don’t give an album as many chances as I did to “Canavas”. But in the end, I’m glad I did. This album is full of the grungy rock that the early Smashing Pumpkins had down pat, but also has the intensity and attention-grabbing sound of Radiohead. For the most part this album is hit of miss. The good songs are really good, but there are a few tracks that I don’t think I’ve even listened to all the way through yet. It’s hard to give the bad songs a chance when I know all I have to do is hit that little > button with my finger and I can go back to enjoying to really catchy songs again. I hear their live show is very entertaining, so I plan on catching them this year at Coachella.


On a Saturday morning a few months back I was driving home from the grocery store. Barely keeping my eyes open, I turned on the radio in hope of hearing something worth while. What I heard blew me away in one listen. As soon as the song was over, I was calling people telling them I found my new favorite band…all from listening to one track driving half asleep in the car. I got home, and found out who sang the song. I spent the next hour or so on the computer finding everything I could from The Black Keys. A two piece dynamic similar in style and sound to the White Stripes, The Black Keys are simply put, a drummer and a guitarist who rock. Their sound has that old fashioned rock and roll soul. It will make you feel like you’re living in 1973. Think of all the hard work Dr. Emmitt Brown could have saved if he discovered this album. Putting “Magic Potion” in you car stereo on a sunny afternoon takes you back in time better than the Flux Capacitor ever could. This is some feel good rock and roll. Check it out. My Saturday half dead prediction was right on.



!!! (pronounced chik chik chik…I don’t get it either) is another band that has caught my attention lately. Their disco rock is both adventurous and fun. After a few listens you will get trapped in their beat breaking rhythms and innovative drumming. A very appealing album if you are looking for something different to put in your stereo.

!!! – A New Name



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  1. You have a really nice blog and by your best of lists, I can tell we have a very similar taste in music as well 🙂

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