Weekend of 1000 Reviews: KEXP with PB&J


Seattle is blessed to be the home of such a remarkable radio station. 90.3 KEXP has gone above and beyond any line set by other stations. Not only do they debut some of the best music out today, they also make it easy for the music lovers to fall for a band. Their website, kexp.org, has everything from an archive of live in-studio performances to an on-demand playlist listing every song that has been played. Their DJ’s aren’t just the guys on the other end of the dial picking songs, they become your friends. I have gone from spending 5 minutes in my car every morning picking out the right cd to getting right on the road and listening to John in the Morning. I’ve never met John Richards, but if I passed him on the street there wouldn’t be any star struck awkwardness. I would ask him how Arlie is doing and if he’s gotten over that nasty cold yet.

The best thing this station does is the live broadcasts. They archive them all on their website. If you missed an in-studio, you can always catch it online. Here is an in-studio broadcast live from Austin Texas at the South by Southwest festival. This band has really blossomed and become an indie favorite since their album was released in the states. And, as I’m finding with most new acts I’m falling for, I heard it first on KEXP.

Peter Bjorn and John – Live on KEXP @ SXSW

~ by dtags21 on April 14, 2007.

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