Weekend of 1000 reviews: The Blakes


With Coachella no more than 2 weeks away, my mind and ears are becoming even more aware of the new music that is coming out of my speakers. However, my newfound attentiveness has resulted in no new posts. With that said, I am going to unleash a flurry of music reviews on you. This weekend, I will write non-stop until I have written about every new or old band I have fallen head over heels for since we last spoke. Let the avalanche of musical reviews begin!
Let’s start with the local music. Now I don’t own their album yet (only available locally on cd, but internationally available through your neighborhood itunes store) but every time The Blakes are played on KEXP, whether I’m at work or in the car, the stereo gets turned up full throttle. For such a young band The Blakes have a tight grasp on what rock and roll should sound like. The few songs I know are raw, filled with swagger and soaked in beer. The track “Two Times” has such an undeniable hook that it will leave the listener powerless in its grip. Growing from the sound of predecessors like The Strokes, this band seems to have what it takes to get out there and make a name for themselves. Hard to believe it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time before a record label hears this sound and cashes in on it. Their website (<- the color doesn’t show well, but it’s a link, ) has a few tracks you can experiment with. My recommendation would be to check out “Two Times”. If you can’t head over there, check out the song Streets. Enjoy


~ by dtags21 on April 13, 2007.

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