Fern Gully Phase 1

Serenity and I had the idea a few weeks ago to have one of her friends paint a mural on one of our walls. The bleak white look is really starting to go to our heads. Originally we thought it would be nice above the mantel, then after much consideration we decided…fuck it, let do a whole wall. Last night we had a few friends over to help with the atmosphere. We put on some reggae tunes to get our bodies moving a little. After Melia got the original concept started, Ryan jumped in to add his insight. It wasn’t long before everyone had a brush and was asking Melia what to do and where. We told everyone to paint whatever they were feeling, and these are the results. This is only phase one of our dining room wall. We are hopefully going to have everyone over again in the future to add some more ideas and finish what is sure to end up as a masterpiece.

 In the beginning, Melia created sky



My Tree Frog!!! 

Serenity’s Bird!!! 

Melia’s Bird


Ryan’s Tree 


~ by dtags21 on April 6, 2007.

One Response to “Fern Gully Phase 1”

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