LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver


LCD Soundsystem’s new release “Sound of Silver” is the first Dance/Rock album I’ve ever heard that is pleasurable from end to end. In a year that seems to be full of highly anticipated second efforts, “Sound of Silver” may just be the valedictorian for the sophomore class. The evolution that has taken place is phenomenal. James Murphy’s vocals have improved significantly since his self titled debut. His voice doesn’t sound so shaky and anxious. Not only that, but of the entire album, there isn’t a single track worth skipping. This album was meant to deliver in every way. Emotionally the lyrics actually hit you. Tracks like “North American Scum” and “Someone Great” contain the character of an indie band, but the album also moves you physically as well. It could even be considered a weight loss program. “Sound of Silver” is such a nonstop thrill ride your body won’t stop moving until the music stops. James Murphy as a musician is astounding. He has taken everything that electronic/techno music has been lacking and has really grown, making it into his own. Mr. Murphy describes what his latest release does best in the latest issue of Paste Magazine. “The problem with CD’s is they contain sound. For the next record, I will directly inject it into people. It would be awesome to just release a pill.” Honestly, there is no reason this release will not launch LCD into the main stage stardom. Hope you’re ready Mr. Murphy. It will eat your soul.


North American Scum


Someone Great


All my Friends



~ by dtags21 on March 24, 2007.

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