Where Does the Good Go?


Look me in the eye and tell me “Aha Shake Heartbreak” didn’t have a single song you liked? The Kings of Leon’s second album released in 2005 was a monster success in the indie music scene. Full of catchy guitar licks and a lead singer whose raspy voice is unmistakable, the Kings of Leon set the bar high for their next album. Sad to say, even if the bar was taken down and buried, their 2007 release “Because of the Times” would still not be able to leap it. This band is obviously in the middle of a complicated session of soul searching. And it’s one that should not have resulted in an album release. Most albums where high expectations are set usually only mildly disappointing. However, the Kings of Leon have done a glorious job of making what might be the biggest let down of 2007. Let us start with the opener, shall we? If you’re gonna have a 7 minute opener, you need to add a guitar solo, maybe a xylophone, anything that can occupy the listeners attention for the entire 7 minutes. Just as you can tell if an album is going to be good from the beginning, you can just as easily tell if it’s going to be crap. Let me sum this up quick, cause I don’t feel like wasting my time writing a review for a bad album (I just want you to know to stay clear at all costs). Where “Aha Shake Heartbreak” was jam packed with blood rushing favorites, “Because of the Times” is merely 45 minutes of no stimulation, no exhilaration, no anticipation, and more importantly, no talent. On April 3rd, I assure you you can find a more appropriate place to spend your money.


~ by dtags21 on March 21, 2007.

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