Air – Talkie Walkie

Coachella has already had such an impact on my life. Besides the excitement of the festival being just around the corner, it has helped me in my search for inspiring, soulful music. I have checked out most of the bands on the lineup that I hadn’t heard of yet. Most of them are worth the ticket price, some are just not my style. But it wasn’t until I fell into the deep, ambient sounds of Air that I was truly taken back. Wow. Air is a magnificently well crafted fusion between Belle and Sebastian and Sigur Ros. At a festival full of bands that will grab you by the collar and make you pay attention; I am just as excited to be taken away by the sounds of “Talkie Walkie”. This album came out in 2004 and is not their latest release. “Pocket Symphony” came out no more than 2 weeks ago. I just downloaded their entire collection, and will keep you informed if this band just had the one great album or if they are a sure fire hit. I can tell you that this album is brilliant. Honestly, I think this is the perfect band to go on stage before Rage Against the Machine. Crazy you say? Hear me out. The sun is setting in the dessert where 60,000 people have come together to be lifted spiritually from the music. What better way to end it than to have a band whose music is so full of milieu that it has the power to fill the whole dessert with uplifting sound? Maybe this is just the excitement of the discovery of a great album, but I can honestly say the Sunday line-up has gotten a whole lot brighter for me. Not that I was ever disappointed in it. I am as excited as the rest over the reunion of the one of the powerhouse bands of the 90’s. Going to a festival this big is all about discovering fresh music. And I am certainly glad I took the time to listen to this album.


Univeral Traveller

Alpha Beta Gaga

~ by dtags21 on March 14, 2007.

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