March Maddness…in the form of Arcades and Mice

March has been a HUGE month in music. A few big names have releases that have already hit the stands and a few that are in the midst, but no matter how you slice it, this has been a great month. Both are releasing their first album in 3 years. Lets start with The Arcade Fire. The band made a typhoon on the indie scene in 2004 with the glamorous “Funeral”. The band, which is easily the best art rock band of this decade, took their time with their second album. They didn’t want to go too far over the edge like Bloc Party or The Killers did with their sophomore albums, but they still wanted a change. A different expression of feelings that didn’t go push so hard you wouldn’t come back. Though it doesn’t hold a candle to their debut, their newest album “Neon Bible” is anything but a slump. At its weakest point, it still manages to grab your attention in a way that’s different from the usual craziness associated with The Arcade Fire. If nothing else, “Neon Bible” shows that “Funeral” wasn’t a stroke of luck. I can’t wait to see this band. I strongly recommend this album to Arcade Fire fans.


No Cars Go


Another big band has a release coming out on the 20th. Just as their 2004 release “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” did 3 years ago, Modest Mouse is about to take over your stereo again with their newest journey “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.” This is one band that has strongly grown on me over the past few months. It was almost as if I was sucked in without even noticing. One minute I knew a few songs, the next I was going from “Lonesome Crowded West” to “The Moon and Antarctica”. On their new album the band stands on their own 2 feet, not completely leaving the crutch of their popular rock sound but definitely wandering into the experimental a little bit more. The song that’s posted is the new single. It’s been all over KEXP and I’m sure other stations have discovered its magic already. Although it sounds just like good ol’ Mouse, the new album takes MM fans on a not so familiar ride. But it’s a ride that you’ll be happy you went on.




~ by dtags21 on March 12, 2007.

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