Team Sleep

When Ben Gibbard from Death Cab started his side project The Postal Service, he didn’t alter his music a complete 180 degrees to something completely different. What Chino Moreno has done is comparable to what Damon Albarn has done with his side projects. Damon went from the English rock band Blur to producing a completely different sound with his comic book side project Gorillaz. Almost as successfull musically, Chino has gone from his well known, Grammy winning heavy metal band Deftones to a more experimental trip hop sound in Team Sleep. Team Sleep holds on to Chino’s poetic lyrics that made the Deftones such a powerhouse in the 90’s but checks the loud guitars and screaming at the door, replacing them with intricate drumming and a much smoother, dreamy sound. This album has the same feel as Thom Yorke’s solo album from last year, “The Eraser” and actually (I can’t believe I’m saying this) is a better album in comparison. Although “The Eraser” was critically acclaimed as genius, Team Sleep surpasses Thom Yorke this time around. Where Thom filled his album with constant bleeping and other semi-annoying computer techniques, Team Sleep keeps their debut contemplative and ambient without the need for all the high tech gadgets (Although I must say the DJ work on “Staring at the Queen” is done really well) Altogether, Team Sleep’s debut is deserving of respect. This well crafted album makes Chino look less like a well worded angry rocker and more like a creative musician. It’s sad to know this album won’t bring in anywhere near the amount of money a new Deftones album would have even though it has so much more to give.


~ by dtags21 on February 18, 2007.

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