The Very Best Music Of 2006: 8-10

8: The Long Winters – Putting the Days to Bed
John Roderick is a Seattleite singer songwriter. The genuine p
op-ish sound that comes from The Long Winters’ 3rd LP comes from this sensitive character. His intimate lyrics mix well with his simple guitar to create a fury of (well, not a fury really, but there isn’t an adjective for the thought I have in mind) uncomplicated, enjoyable music. Nothing controversial about this one and really, with song names like “Teaspoon”, “ Hindsight”, “Clouds” and “Pushover”, would you really expect it to be? In fact, lets discuss those tracks. “Pushover” is the likable opener that starts the album with the right foot. “Hindsight” is a clever little diddy about a hard working woman who won’t leave her job long enough to even acknowledge she has a boyfriend and, from Rodericks point of view, will be sorry she left. (You never told me your secrets/ So I guess they stay safe with me/ Tall orders from such small shoulders) What I love most about “Teaspoon” is that throughout the entire song I’m singing “Teeeaspooooon…ba ba ba BA ba bada dum” and quite frankly have no idea why I’m singing about the piece of silverware I use to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This album grows more and more on you every time you hear it. And every time you finish a song you can’t help but think about how great John Rodericks’ songwriting is. This album can be enjoyed in many different circumstances, but understand one thing, it is enjoyable. I don’t think I can sum this up any better than John himself. “We’re a kiss away from being dangerous.” (well if I’m going to just list off lyrics, I may as well throw my favorite one in there (and you kind of have to hear it in the song to grasp it all) “My arms miss you/my hands miss you/ the stars sing I’ve got their song in my head/ AHHHHH”)(One more thing, if you are anti-downloading and also poverty stricken but somehow have a computer with a decent connection you can hear the entire ‘Putting the Days to Bed’ album for free @

9: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones
Finally a female vocalist on the list. The s
econd full length album from these New York City favorites is ‘Show Your Bones’. Packed with the Karen O’s intensity and Nick Zinner’s catchy as hell guitar riffs, there was no question these sensational musicians deserved a spot on the top 10. With each song this album tears at your soul in more ways than one. First is the rather obvious music itself. The strength of Nick’s guitar is enough to re-define the alternative music genre. Especially on “Way Out” and “Fancy” are his contributions heard loud and clear. Secondly there is screaming Karen, whose heartfelt words are just as evident in every song. You would think a skinny little chick’s voice would get blown away by all the loud alternative racket going on around her. Trust me when I say she makes her presence felt. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have put together an album that is just as enjoyable in it’s entirety as it is song for song. If you’re a fan of loud music that gives both your body and your throat a workout, check these guys out. Oh, I can’t end this review without mentioning “Cheated Hearts”. It is really hard to listen to a whole album when you can’t stop going back to one song. So watch out for track 6.

10: And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – So Divided
Love the band. Like the album. Obviously a little more personal preference was considered in this pick. The reason it is so high on my list is because this band has done everything to get people attention and is still, somehow, under the radar. After this album, the band has to be considered as some of the most intricate musicians on the scene today. Practically doing a 180 is something few bands have to regard as necessary to stay alive. However, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead has done just that, and has done it well.
Respect must be recognized to that courage.

~ by dtags21 on January 8, 2007.

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