Day 2

Mason Jennings
Singer songwriter whose countryish sound felt perfect with the sun on my shoulders and the road ahead of me heading into Wisconsin. Nice & easy morning music. (Sidenote: For some odd reason I have had this cd and loved it for about 3 years and not, as of yet, checked out any of his other albums. I think I know none of his other work is going to match this wonderful album. Why chance letting myself down with his other work when I can just listen to his one outstanding album and think he is amazing?)

Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldier
This album was my savior. Just like every other cd I own, I had it for months before listening to it and loving every song. The sun was shining, the road was long, and I was able to sing along (I just signed my contract with Shady records). Jack White has truly become one of my favorite musicians.

Dave Matthews Band – Live at Saratoga 2006 (Saturday Night)
Wisconsin was boring as hell. What better way to occupy that time than by listening to the bootleg of the last show you went to with you friends? Everyone knows Dave Matthews is the perfect fit for a sunny day roadtrip. And a 3 disc concert that I was at fit into the rotation flawlessly.

Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise
It was still sunny and this felt right. If you want to know more look for it at the top of my Best of 2005 list.

Oasis – What’s the Story Morning Glory?
Minneapolis…Finally a city, civilization, people. After driving thru farm lands for 2 hours i turned the AC off and put my windows down for this one. (I took advantage of the traffic slowing me down. I was getting a headache from the AC but its hard to drive 85 MPH with the windows down)

Pixies – Doolittle
My new old favorite. A band I wish I had listened to when I first heard about them (not at their beginning obviously). I have no problem enjoying their music now though. This rockin 80’s/90’s band has one hell of an album in this classic that I now cherish wholeheartedly.

Rouge Wave – Descending Like Vultures
Rouge Wave is a recent chill band that hasn’t made a huge name for themselves yet. They opened for some band at High Falls in Rochester this summer but I didn’t know until the day of…drag. Excellent album though, check it out.

Velvet Underground – Loaded
Ahhhh, the classics. I almost went off on a 60’s/70’s rampage after this was over. I was gonna hit Zepplin, the Stones, the Kinks, the Who, all my older favorites. However North Dakota was miserable. It was late, dark, we were close to our campsite and I was practically falling asleep at the wheel so I needed a quick pick me up to last me to Bismark. Luckily I only had to flip one page to find it…

The White Stripes – Get behind Me Satan
Loud, Singable…just what I needed to keep me going. (It was that or No-Doze)


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