The Top Soundtrack of our Generation Is….



Good Will Hunting

If you’re writing a movie mostly about tragedy, heartbreak, and loneliness, is there any better artist to have singing in the background than Elliott Smith? Some say the Good Will Hunting film is what sent Elliott into his perplexed state of mind. They think this shot into stardom is what started getting Elliott scared and depressed. Those people are fools. Regardless, the Good Will Soundtrack incorporates some of the most appropriate music into its film. Some will just hear it and think its peaceful music to emphasize the love that is forming between Matt Damon and Mini Driver. “Between the Bars” is the Elliott song that is being played when Damon and Driver are kissing in bed. If you’re watching the movie and don’t know the song, you won’t notice how perfect the song fits Matt Damons character. The song is about a man who is in love, realizing there is infinite potential, yet he can’t escape his own fears and problems, resorting to alcohol and settling in his life of self deprivation and sorrow, still keeping a part of it in his heart. If you have ever seen this movie, you know this is a perfect portrayal of Damon’s character. If this song was written for the movie, it wouldn’t stand out as such an ideal fit. The song he did write for the movie, “Miss Misery”, snagged a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Elliott was even asked to play his song at the Academy Awards cerimony. It was a huge monument for the up and coming artist. Even though he didn’t win (Celine Dion won for “My Heart Will Go On”. How splendid is that?) it still managed to get his name out there. Danny Elfman also got a few tracks in there from the score of the movie. The Dandy Warhols, Al Green, and Gerry Raffertyall contributed songs to the soundtrack as well (This review is already worshiping Elliott, I figured I should throw a few other names in the mix) This movie showcases sorrow and pain realistically, and having a majority of your soundtracks songs written by a man whose whole life has been pain is the most perfect fit. Elliott Smith single handedly made the Good Will Hunting Soundtrack the top soundtrack of our generation


~ by dtags21 on February 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Top Soundtrack of our Generation Is….”

  1. good call dave your ears are a gift

  2. The Dandy Warhols!!!!!!!!!!

  3. interesting choice, however… i think we should take into consideration perhaps another very great soundtrack….. TOP GUN baby!!!!

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