The Best of 2005: #4

#4: The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
As soon as this cd goes into the stereo, your ears are blessed with the different path The White Stripes took on this album as opposed to their other records. Practically setting aside their style of ear-splitting guitar solo’s and booming drumming to start experimenting with pianos, marimbas, tambourines and surprisingly enough acoustic guitar. Meg White’s drumming is still as kick ass as before with this new style of hard rock that her brother (or ex-husband, I don’t think anyone really knows which) Jack, is to good at writing. If you are a fan of The White Stripes then I’m sure you have already gone over the growing process that this cd requires. The first day I bought it, I couldn’t stand a single song except the ones that reminded me of the old White Stripes (“Instinct Blues”, “Blue Orchid”, “Red Rain”). Even after a few listens when a cd usually comes around, this one didn’t. I thought it was childish, and I missed the power and crazy guitar of the old White Stripes. Then one day “As Ugly as I Seem”, the soft-spoken acoustic bongo ballad spoke to me. From then on, I was in love. After that everything seemed to click right into place. I suddenly couldn’t get enough of this cd. Then I realized that’s what I love about The White Stripes albums, their ability to completely take over your stereo. It is truly priceless these days when a cd comes out that is made as an album and not for singles to be played on the radio. Even though the singles rock (“Blue Orchid”, “My Doorbell”, “Denial Twist”), this album is to be absorbed as a whole. The first track “Blue Orchid” sounds similar to the old style, then the album takes a turn with marimba’s and gets oddly loud in “The Nurse”. “Forever for Her” is one of Jack’s better written songs, while “Passive Manipulation” is Meg’s best song. Every song on this album has something different in it to go crazy about. It is no secret how kick ass the new White Stripes cd is. Although Get Behind Me Satan may push away some casual fans, it captures what The Stripes do best. What’s that you ask? Well if you don’t already own this cd or any other Stripes albums for that matter, you gotta listen to understand.

~ by dtags21 on January 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Best of 2005: #4”

  1. Can I please just tell you how many songs I have downloaded because of your reviews Dave this is freakin awesome. I love your taste in music and it is helping me develop mine please keep it up!

  2. […] Get Behind me Satan and The Raconteurs’ Broken Boy Soldier both made the top 5 of the best of 2005 and 2006, respectively. This June, The White Stripes will release their sixth full lenth entitled […]

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